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About Cutter Technologies

Cutter Technologies Pte Ltd was incorporated in 2002, set to support research and development activities and cater to customized requirements.

The range and types of prototypes we manufacture and supply involves the following processes –

High speed 3-axis CNC Machining – use for precision prototypes, engineering proof of concept, use of actual materials, mechanical testing, engineering check models, testing models, master patterns for urethane molds.

Silicon Rubber Mold making process – use to cast multiple copies in Urethane material economically. The master is made either using CNC machining or stereolithography (SLA) rapid prototype master pattern. This offers a quick turn around for low volume production, market testing, pre-production evaluation.

Secondary operations and finishing processes – we provide the final finish for the prototype – surface coating, screen printing, threaded inserts, sheet metal parts, plating for metal parts.

Sheet metal prototyping – processes involved laser cutting, CNC wire cutting, CNC bending, forming, thread inserts, standoffs, springs, plating and finishing, low volume production and assembly.

We aim to be your one-stop supplier to your new product development project.

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